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Insights Discovery Partner

Insights Discovery Distributor since 2003

Insights Discovery is a market-leading personality profiling tool. It helps individuals and businesses around the world to become more effective at what they do.

As a distributor and licensed practitioners,  M R Dynamics has been using Insights Discovery to successfully help our clients’ to get great results in teamwork and leadership development for over 15 years.

With its first version launched over 20 years ago, the Discovery profile paints an incredible picture of how we work, how we think and how we come across to others.

It describes aspects of your personality from your strengths to your blind spots, your decision making to your learning style, how you sell to how you manage people.

Build stronger relationships

Increase staff engagement

Develop effective leadership

Improve team performance

“I have received very positive feedback on the session which has left people energised, talking more and really considering each others’ styles and needs.”

Ian Dunning, Facilities Management Director South East, Unilever UK Ltd

Richard created a comfortable, informal atmosphere which made it easy for everyone to relax and take full advantage of this opportunity to step out of the everyday work world and reflect on ourselves and the way we work together. It was a very enjoyable and useful day – thanks.

Rita Ireson, Heart of Birminham NHS PCT

Until today the outcomes from that workshop are important as a tool of my self-development! Thanks Marcus and congrats by the very-well work done by your company. Hope to have a chance to do it again in a near future.

Alexandre Franco, Project Architect - Integration at British American Tobacco
Our clients enjoy sessions that see them:
  • Increase self-awareness – understanding their style, strengths and weaknesses and impact on others
  • Get to know each other better – appreciating styles, strengths and communication needs
  • Understand differences in people – valuing them and finding the most effective communication strategies for team members, customers, and bosses!!
  • Build trust, bonds and cohesion – enabling and encouraging greater cooperation and collaboration
  • Reduce existing or potential misunderstandings with colleagues – inside and outside of the team, at work and at home
  • Look at the team personality dynamic – how to optimise meetings, decision making, conflict situations and the team’s image in the company
  • Become better managers and leaders – understanding what makes others tick and how to best approach them

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