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The Legacy Debate

By August 8, 2012Uncategorized
What's your legacy?

What’s your Legacy?

In 1715 Elkanha Hoyle – my Great x 6 Grandfather – donated a bell to the 2nd Riponnden Parish Church.  This bell still hangs in the 4th Victorian Riponnden Parish Church today. Recently my brother John, his daughter Simone and I had the honour of ringing the Hoyle Bell.


The recently deceased Stephen H Covey is quoted as saying the purpose of life was to “Live to Love and Leave a Legacy”.  He leaves 9 children and 52 Grandchildren he certainly leaves a genetic lineage.

As a leader of the local community my ancestor felt he should leave a tangible legacy.  What legacy will I, or you leave beyond the genetic imprint in your children?  And does it matter?

The 2012 London Olympics has been promoted as the Legacy Olympics.  But what legacy?  Another bell forged with pride locally in the East End on London?  Is it a series of currently world class sporting facilities? Or is much deeper and less tangible and relevant to us as the leaders of our lives, families and organisations?

For me the Olympic legacy is the reinforcement of well established leadership values.  It is the focus of a clearly expressed vision to a defined outcome.  It is the passion, self belief, and willingness to pay the price to dare to achieve:  To strive for the “noble cause”.

Also, over and over again successful athletes thank the ‘team’ around them who had enabled their success.  Remember leaders and high performers never achieve in isolation.  It is always the so many who unite unseen behind the mission.

What do you think is the 2012 Olympic legacy?

We all leave a legacy in some way. What will yours be?


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