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5 tips for managing your stress on National Stress Awareness Day

By November 5, 2015Leadership, Uncategorized

This week it is National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD). Every year we welcome NSAD as an opportunity to bring the subject of stress to discussion and encourage people to take action – to reduce stress in themselves and others. So here are 5 tips for managing your stress on National Stress Awareness Day .


Stress is a problem.  Stress costs money and blights lives, and it is for each of us, especially those of us who are leaders and managers, to take responsibility.


This year on we are focusing on increasing Well-being.


Well-being is defined by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) as “Feeling good and functioning well” through:

– Our thoughts

– Our feelings

– Our actions

The NEF set out 5 ways to promote well-being in our selves and others: Be Active; Take Notice; Keep Learning; Give; Connect.

So in true ColourBites fashion – how can our personality preferences help us in The NEF 5 ways to Wellbeing?


1. Be Active.  Here our Fiery Red energy  in particular and the Sunshine Yellow extroverted energy  drives our need to be active.

2. Take Notice.  Extroverted and introverted sensation connects us to our world through our senses.  Our senses give us information. Take notice , reflect and enjoy. Yes, take time to “smell the roses”.

3. Keep Learning.  This can apply to all, however the Cool Blue energy values the pursuit of knowledge.

4. Give.  Feeling part of the community is enhanced by giving and sharing.  Giving gives us a sense of abundance. It can apply to all, however the Earth Green energy  most clearly helps us here.

5. Connect.  The Feeling Preferences  connect us to the wider world of people.  We are not alone and being part of the net work of work and home life helps our sense of well-being.  Time spent on relationships is time well spent.


What are you doing to mark NSAD? This week think about who is stressed in your organisation and/or life… what can you do to increase well-being and reduce stress.


To find out how MRD can help you support NSAD call on 07747 848 690

or email at richard@mrdynamics.com.

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