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Using Insights Discovery ® to create great teamwork

Using Insights Discovery ® to create great teamwork

Leadership and team development are MRD’s core areas of specialism.

In this article we want to share with you one of the ways we help our clients ensure their teams move forward on the journey to becoming, or staying great teams using the Insights Discovery model 

Truly thinking and behaving like a great team takes effort and sacrifice for its members: sacrifice of their own time, their energy, their own quick wins and personal agendas. So, is it worth it? We believe it is essential to success. Theories on human evolution point strongly to humans being fundamentally wired to perform in groups. From our most distant ancestors to today – team work works!


The benefits of working this way stem from survival in harsh environments. Today’s environments are still harsh in different ways. Now it’s more about achievement, targets, profits, staying ahead of competition. Plus, along with those more tangible benefits, the less tangible benefits we gain in teams are the happiness and satisfaction we get from real trust, collaboration, sharing, from learning new things and seeing others and a group develop and grow.

We see that teams that have high levels of trust, self-awareness, focus and regulation perform better. Teams that understand how they work and that play to strengths tend to work well together. How a team behaves is also effected by the personalities of its people and Insights Discovery can give teams some incredible insights.


Insights Discovery – 4 Pillars of teams

The Insights Discovery model is based on the concept of four colour energies that we all use in our lives. Our preferences for these different styles are a valuable part of understanding ourselves, our strengths, our behaviours and our impact on other people.

The 4 Pillars model applies these energies to specifically to team behaviours. It shows how teams need to look at their behaviour and focus from different perspectives and strengths of the colour energies.



Fiery Red gives a team Focus

•A clear direction
•Its vision and goals
•Sights set firmly on the deliverables
•Action on the ‘right’ things
•Accountability for what they have committed to


Sunshine Yellow gives a team Flow

•Creative solutions and solve problems collectively
•engaged in dialogue
•learning as a team
•responding quickly to external input
•making the changes necessary to overcome obstacles


Earth Green gives a team Climate

•High levels of trust
•A high degree of engagement and motivation
•Willingness and ability to delve into challenging discussions
•Maintaining cohesion under pressure
•A genuine sense of caring and support


Cool Blue gives a team Process

•Clear roles for each member
•Roles which are linked and interdependent
•The right mix of capabilities within the team
•A clear decision making process
•Measurements place to monitor progress


Using Insights Discovery we discover a team’s unique dynamic. We can then help identify areas of team strength and possible weakness or blind spots. For example, many executive teams have a strong preference for high Red/Blue, therefore strong at focus and process; they have a clear, well thought through plan, have an eye on the figures and taking action. Their challenge is often to put time and value into their organisational climate and flow; building trust in management and within teams, properly listening to each other and people at all levels, and being directly guided in decisions by company values.

How is your team performing? Where is it strong? What do you need to consciously give attention to when you work together?

To talk about how your team is performing and make sure your teams are GREAT, get in touch.


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