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Improve teamwork using Insights Discovery: Show me you love ME!

Improve teamwork using Insights Discovery: Show me you love ME!
Show me you love ME!

You cannot miss the fact that today is St Valentine’s Day (if you have, there is still time). Even my stationary supplier is encouraging me to buy ink cartridges for my loved one! Love is pretty well everywhere.

It’s even at work! As research continues to inform our understanding of what makes successful workplaces and great leaders, treating ourselves and others with respect and humanity turns out to be a strong and proven business success factor. Certainly where leadership is concerned, many of the ingredients of any good, positive relationship apply.

What about the hard nose world of business and commerce? Well, nobody expects managers to run around hugging and kissing their teams (always consult HR first!) But people do expect their leaders to show respect; to treat people as individuals and to communicate effectively. In other words, show love.

Here we look at the needs and wants from the Insights Discovery colour perspective. As always, some serious, and some not so!

Show me you Love ME by…

Insights Discovery ColoursFor the Cool Blue

  • Making sure you are competent
  • Helping me achieve excellence
  • Giving me the gift of time and space in decision making
  • Buying me high quality presents!

For the Earth Green

  • Showing sincerity and openness
  • Helping me and my team achieve
  • Talking to me, not my job title
  • Listening like you mean it!

For the Sunshine Yellow

  • Thinking outside the box with me
  • Helping me make a difference
  • Work needn’t be so serious; let’s make this fun!
  • Telling me you love me, and never stop telling me you love me!

For the Fiery Red

  • Getting to the point
  • Helping me get results
  • Being on time; I might start without you
  • Buying me the latest and best, no flowers from petrol stations!

Enjoy Valentines day. Enjoy having great relationships at work. Wishing you every happiness and success.

The Team at M R Dynamics

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