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Spotting the Insights Discovery colour energies at Christmas

By December 16, 2013Insights Discovery

Spotting the Insights Discovery colour energies at Christmas. 

As we reach the end of the year, may we say a huge thank you to all the people we have met and worked with in 2013. It has been a real pleasure and privilage to work with you! We hope you have had a happy and successful year, and that your work with MRD has helped you.

And because Christmas is a time for people, we give you some festive fun using the Insights Discovery colour energies: a colourful approach to a Happy Christmas!


For the Fiery Red energy – “The Christmas Heroes”

  • They tend to need to organise everything themselves.
  • Often see eating and drinking as a competitive sport!
  • When entertaining… the bigger the better.
  • They sometimes need reminding that it is meant to be a holiday.


For the Sunshine energy  – “Yellow..HoHo” 

  • They were born for Christmas! The spirit of glad tidings flows through their veins all year round.
  • First on the dance floor and the last to leave.
  • When entertaining… the more the merrier; that’s people and food!
  • For them sleep deprivation is mandatory.


For the Earth Green energy – “True Spirit of Christmas”

  • They need to be reminded that it is OK to receive as well as to give.
  • Make sure all that wrapping paper is recycled!
  • When entertaining… remember to write/ring to say thank you.
  • You might not like the present they made you, but you can be sure a lot of thought went into it.


To the Cool Blue energy  – “Perfect Christmas” 

  • They can be seen making lists of the Christmas list they need to make.
  • The true masters of on-line shopping
  • They look as if parties are painful… until the alcohol clicks in, then watch and be amazed.
  • When entertaining… do your best to be on time; there will probably be a schedule.


MRD 10 years.Final (1)Next year is MRD‘s 10th anniversary, so look out of our series of 10-themed articles to mark the occasion. But for now,  from Marcus and Richard, may we wish you a Wonderful Christmas and prosperous and healthy 2014.


“I got different strokes for different folks.” Mohammed Ali




© M R Dynamics Ltd 2013. Insights Discovery and Insights Discovery Colour Energies © Insights Group 2013.


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