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Leadership development: Is the Queen true blue?

Leadership development: Is the Queen true blue? 

The MRD team have been enjoying this weekend’s many and splendid Diamond Jubilee celebrations. So in this special Jubilee colourbites we are going to have a break from our team series and wonder about Queen Elizabeth II’s personality type.


M R Dyamics leadership programmes we often use the Insights Discovery colours to discuss different leadership styles of famous world

leaders over the years: Mandela, Ghandi, Thatcher, Obama, Jobs, to name a few.

But rarely does the Queen get a mention. Surprising as she is one of the most famous, longest standing, respected, successful and loved leaders of modern times.

May we start by saying that we are not asking what personality type it takes to be a successful monarch. As we always say, ‘the job is not the person’. In the execution of her role we can see that all 4 Insights colour energies are needed at different times for different things.

Fiery Red

  • Commanding an entire armed forces
  • Dealing with heads of state, including our own Prime Ministers
  • Making changes and reforming

Sunshine Yellow

  • Meeting thousands of people!
  • Attending large social events
  • Being incredibly in the spotlight

Earth Green

  • Listening
  • Standing for values
  • Respecting the needs of others

Cool Blue

  • Observing strict protocol
  • Diligently organising and preparing
  • Being calm in any crisis

But like we said, that’s the role. What about the person who does it? How does she go about it? What is her style? And what has she been so successful?

When we read about the queen she is described as quite a shy, private and family orientated person. She is said to take her role very seriously and diligently. She has quietly and subtly reformed the monachy.

When you watch her on tele she is looks quite calm, unflustered and thoughtful. She seems to think before she speaks and tends to listen more than she talks (in sharp contrast to the irrepressible Prince Phillip!).

All of this leads us to think she’s pretty Blue/Green or Green/Blue. We see some Yellow but not a lot of Red. Leaders who have a preference for introversion, quite possibly sensation (links are to previous colourbites on these subjects) tend to lead in a very distinct way. Other successful leaders using the Blue and the Green styles include Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Angela Merkel, . These leaders trade on the provision of:

  • Consistency and long-termism
  • Having quite a humble style that truly leads to serve others
  • Remaining calm in a crisis
  • Upholding values that people can really believe in
  • Being the figure-head of something greater than themselves
  • Connecting with all people, regardless of rank or status

Of course, nothing is perfect! When quick decisive action is needed, or risky strategy into unchartered territory is required the green/blue leader may struggle.

But we’d ask you to consider, as a leader what can you learn from the Queen? How can you emulate her skill at connecting with people, engendering trust and stability, and standing for something other people want to be part of?

If the Queen reads this and would like to fill in the Insights Discovery Evaluator, we’d be delighted to find out just what her real colour mix is! But for now we hope you’ve enjoyed this edition. Next we will return to our team series and ask, How can the Insights Discovery colours help create great team work?

From the team at M R Dynamics


© M R Dynamics 2012.

“It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.” Carl G Jung

“I got different strokes for different folks” Cassius Clay, 1966

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