The Insights Discovery profile is a powerful document that is the start point  to your journey to greater self-awareness and personal development. It paints an incredible picture of how you work, how you think and how you come across to others.


It describes aspects of your personality from your strengths to your blind spots, your decision making to your learning style, how you sell to how you manage people.

We consistently get the reaction and feedback:

  • “Wow! How do you do that?”
  • “This is the most accurate profile I’ve ever had”
  • “How did it know all this from 25 questions?”
  • “Have you been talking to my husband/ wife??”


This reaction and the positive impact that the profile and training has on people’s work and lives has meant that Insights Discovery has been central to our training and coaching since M R Dynamics formed in 2003.

Where does the profile come from?

The profile is based on your personal preference for the 4 Insights Discovery Colour Energies.

Through the evaluator, you tell us to what extent these energies (or styles or traits) describe you or don’t describe you.

Insights Discovery Colours

People that have a preference for:

Fiery Red Energy are usually strong-minded and focused on results. They speak their minds and are often direct and to the point. They like to initiate action and make quick and confident in decisions.

Sunshine Yellow Energy are usually enthusiastic and encouraging. They tend to be talkative, involved and sociable. They will often imagine what could be and then get going and try new things.

Earth Green Energy are know to be diplomatic and inclusive. They tend to have a balanced approach to thinking and argumentation. They are often good at questioning and listening, and are loyal and work hard for the team.

Cool Blue Energy are usually prepared and informed for what they are doing. They like to be accurate, objective, logical and methodical in their thinking and decision-making. They also appear calm and considered under pressure.

In every  profile you will also find out what the order of ALL 4 your colours are…

And where you sit on the Insights Discovery 72 Type wheel.

What is in the profile?

Every Insights Discovery profile has the rich and highly practical ‘Foundation Chapter’ that includes:
  • Introduction and Contents
  • Overview
  • Strengths and Potential Weaknesses
  • Value to the Team
  • Effective Communication and Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Blind Spots
  • Your Difficult Person
  • Dealing with Your Difficult Person
  • Suggestions for Development
  • Insights System Graphics
Depending on your specific learning objectives, you also have the option to include several additional chapters:

Management Chapter  – detailing:

  • Ideal Environment
  • Managing, Motivating
  • Management Style

Effective Selling Chapter – detailing:

  • Sales Overview
  • Before the Sale Begins
  • Identifying Needs
  • Proposing
  • Dealing with Buying Resistance
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Follow-up and Follow-through

Personal Achievement – detailing:

  • Living on Purpose
  • Life and Time Management
  • Personal Creativity
  • Lifelong Learning

Interview Chapter – detailing:

  • Interview Questions

Find out more about…

The Colour Energies

The Profile Evaluator

Already have an Insights Discovery profile and want help using it?

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