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The Insights Discovery Colours/ colour energies are the engine behind the whole Insights system.

By considering, measuring and talking about your preferences for these four energies or styles, you can quickly raise your own self awareness, see your impact on others more clearly , and start to build simple and effective working and communicating strategies.


Watch this video to see how organisations all around the world use the Insights colour energies language and approach to improve performance.

Our fundamental principles for using the Insights colour energies

  • We all use all four of the colour energies and all four are relevant to us all.
  • The way we use the four colour energies is unique and ever changing. The story as to why is different for all of us.
  • Within this, we will have thinking and behavioural preferences and habits that help to define our experience of the world and the world’s experience of us.
  • No colour energy is inherently better or worse. Moving away from ‘better or worse, right or wrong-thinking’ is the main motivation for using the colour energy system. If you are certain that one energy is superior or inferior, we find that rethinking that model of the world will massively improve your relationships, and often your performance.

‘Good Day’ and ‘Bad Day’ Behaviours

We all have strengths and productive behaviours. But none of us are perfect and we all have the capacity to get it wrong in some situations, or with some people. Being open, honest and objective about how this plays out in our day-to-day activities is a great way to improve the quality of our interactions and performance.

Good day


Bad Day

People that have a preference for:

Fiery Red Energy are usually strong-minded and focused on results. They speak their minds and are often direct and to the point. They like to initiate action and make quick and confident in decisions.

Sunshine Yellow Energy are usually enthusiastic and encouraging. They tend to be talkative, involved and sociable. They will often imagine what could be and then get going and try new things.

Earth Green Energy are know to be diplomatic and inclusive. They tend to have a balanced approach to thinking and argumentation. They are often good at questioning and listening, and are loyal and work hard for the team.

Cool Blue Energy are usually prepared and informed for what they are doing. They like to be accurate, objective, logical and methodical in their thinking and decision-making. They also appear calm and considered under pressure.

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