“Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head”- Euripides

Your commercial advantage really does lie in the quality of your leaders. The effectiveness of managers and leaders is a huge factor in organisational performance. It affects all areas and all departments. It determines your success in efficiency, change, innovation, talent retention, development, team work.

That’s why Leadership development underpins all of our work.

What we see

With our clients we have noticed two things that apply to any organization

  • Things change quickly these days and you need to be able to change with or ahead of the game
  • You need everyone involved to be giving their best

Ask yourself, when you’ve had a manager who really motivated, challenges, supported and led you, how much of a difference did that make to your performance?

What we believe

M R Dynamics leadership model

  • Leadership grows as a natural process. It takes time and needs to be cultivated
  • No leader is perfect and the best leaders are always looking to learn, grow and develop
  • There is no mold to fit – anyone can be a leader, as long as they want to and are willing to reflect, learn and act!

That’s why we have developed the MRD Leadership model to help you develop your leadership capabilities

What we do

Our aim is to help leaders on their journey towards being a more self-aware and effective leader. We guide and push them to find their own:

  • Motivation and aims as leaders
  • Understand their leadership style and behavioural preferences, and the impact that has on those they want to lead
  • Skills, tools and techniques to use in a variety of leadership situations
  • Build on their own strengths and align them with the organizational and team goals and strengths

Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the course,and genuinely believe I have taken more from it than from any other course I’ve taken!”

Lawrence Wright, Commercial and Pricing Manager
DB Schenker UK