MRD is all about…

Light bulb moments

Our coaching and facilitation are carefully designed to give your people many new insights, perspectives and ideas to take back to work


Our consultants are experts in helping you make sense of what is going on in your team and management dynamics, enabling you to make easier and better leadership decisions


Operational life is busy and motivation can slide. Our sessions will re-energise and re-motivate. You will reconnect with your self, your goals and with your colleagues


Ever been to a meeting or training where you felt like a spare part? We believe that the participation of ALL is vital to excellent learning, effective meetings and high-quality decision-making

Seeing eye-to-eye

Creating shared mental models is a key driver of performance. We constantly strive to get people seeing things from others’ views, working with misunderstandings and creating alignment

Feeling the love

We are proud to regularly get the feedback that our workshops are the ‘best training I ever had’! People learn best when they are active and enjoying themselves.

Meet the team

Marcus Hoyle


I have seen that leadership and teamwork makes THE difference in organisational health and performance. I also believe that people already have all the resources they need to succeed, or they are able to create them. I specialise in developing self aware and effective leaders, and respectful, productive teams that can fully access these resources and have the difference they make to be a positive one.The main tools and theories I use are the Insights Discovery ® system, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY ® Method and Materials, and relevant elements of psychology related to leadership, teams, personal and organisational success.

Richard Hoyle


My goal is to help people be happy at work. I work to lower stress by promoting great leadership and team work. My experience in the Army and at Canon (UK) has given me a valuable perspective on leadership in the commercial world. Leadership is about people and their interactions as they strive for achievement. 18 years working with Insights Discovery has given me deep knowledge of an engaging and positive tool. My mission is to help people on this journey. And for us all to enjoy the experience.

Colleen Horne


My mission is to help people and the teams within which they operate to be the best they can possibly be: to create people and teams that are devoted to their company, their customer and to each other. My belief is that unless people are listened to, informed, appreciated and engaged in this way, no imposed actions can ever reach their full performance potential. I work with people at all levels to share my passion for engagement and ensure the drive, belief, behaviours and communication necessary to create/maintain a winning culture. I am also an Insights Discovery licenced practitioner.

Claudia Horner

Consultant (English and German speaking)

I am convinced that every human carries the potential of their own development, to analyze his individual situation and find solutions to his problems. Since 1998 I work with enthusiasm in the area: coaching, training, process support & consulting around the world, working in both English and German.Individual company-specific challenges and quality improvements through active personnel policy are my speciality. As a sensitive and innovative leadership trainer I stand for continuity and credibility as well as for the quality and sustainability of tailor-made HR development strategies that I have developed. I am also an Insights Discovery licenced practitioner.