Insights Discovery Profiles

Insights Discovery Profiles

Insights Discovery Profile

What a document! This is our and clients’ tool of choice for so many team and leadership development projects.

The Insights Discovery profile paints an incredible picture of how we work and come across to others.

It describes aspects of your personality from your strengths to your blind spots, your decision making to your learning style, how you sell to how you manage people.

You will also see where you fit on the Insights Colour Wheel, discover your Insights type, learn about your opposite (who may be your difficult person!)

Every part of Insights Discovery Profiles is based on the Insights colours and is unique to the user. You have the option of including:

  • Foundation Chapter; including overview, strengths and weaknesses, communication needs, blind spots and suggestions for development.
  • Management Chapter; including management style and how to motivate you.
  • Effective Selling Chapter; your style, strengths and weaknesses through the 7 stages of a sale.
  • Personal Achievement Chapter; includes learning style and lifelong learning
  • Interview Chapter; probing and insightful questions to ask at interview

Exploring your Insights Discovery profile

Insights colour dynamics

Your profile shows your unique colour mix on the colour graphs page.

The profile graphs are taken directly from the evaluator and are a personal representation of the order and the intensity of how we use the colour energies.

This is an important page as it accurately shows how we chose to meet the challenges of the world, how others are likely to see us, and the adaptations we are making.

Learn more about the psychology behind the colours in this graphic that form the foundations of the Insights system.

Our clients

  • NHS
  • Vinci Energies
  • Unilever
  • Genworth Financial
  • Wrigley