The Insights Discovery Colours

Insights Discovery Colours

The Insights Discovery Colours will help you to better understand yourself and the people you work with. For anyone who wants to improve the quality of their teamwork, the effectiveness of managers and leaders, the collaboration different areas of their organisation, the skills and ‘insights’ you will gain using Insights Discovery with M R Dynamics can change the way you work forever.

Our personality preferences and drivers are an important part of what makes you ‘you’; what makes you similar to some people and different to others. Understanding the dynamic of our own colours – the dominance of some and our reluctance towards others – is invaluable to understanding who we are.

So, what are the strongest colours for you – which ones describes you best? And which ones don’t sound like you at all?

Knowing your preferences and that of your colleagues will help you to:

  • Understand many of your key behavioural strengths and weaknesses,
  • Get feedback on the impact your style has on other people,
  • Recognise people who are different to you and quickly learn how to work more effectively with them.

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