Through understanding the different personalities in the team you gain common understanding of:

# What is important to your people

# How they prefer to work

# Your team decision making processes,

# How you deal with change, pressure and disagreements

# How you are likely to be seen by your customers.

This tailor-made profile will profile will help you to:

  • Lead your team more effectively
  • Run better meetings
  • Manage your communication and relationships with internal and external customers
  • Consider recruitment and other team issues such as conflict and complacency.

Insights Discovery Team Wheel

Insights Discovery Team Wheel

“Richard created a comfortable, informal atmosphere which made it easy for everyone to relax and take full advantage of this opportunity to step out of the everyday work world and reflect on ourselves and the way we work together. It was a very enjoyable and useful day – thanks.”
Rita Ireson, Heart of Birminham NHS PCT

To arrange a FREE trial of the Insights Discovery profiles we use on many of our team projects please contact us.

MRD has over 20 years of experience working with teams to understand themselves better and get more from working together. With the support of an MRD trainer or coach you can quickly build trust, morale, pride and more effective practices in your team. Contact us to discuss your team and how we can help you make it more dynamic!

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