Dr Carl Gustav Jung's

The basis for the Insights Discovery model is Dr Carl Gustav Jung’s ‘Psychological Types’. Here he suggested that people have different psychological preferences that influence how they behave, approach situations and make sense of the world.

These are differences in:

  • How we orient our energy; introversion and extroversion
  • How we judge and make decisions; thinking and feeling
  • How we perceive the world; sensing and intuition

Jung’s thinking is highly relevant to understanding the needs of people in relation to themselves and others. For example, those who are more introverted tend to be more quiet, observant, thoughtful, and cautious while more extroverted people tend to be more talkative, outspoken, involved and action oriented.

The relevance of just introversion and extroversion on its own can be extremely powerful! For example, have you noticed in meetings where the way some people talk and exchange ideas feels like a high speed ping-pong match, while with other people it’s more like a game snooker or billiards? And did you wonder why one style was more comfortable for you than the other?

Dr Carl Gustav Jung's Wheel

Insights colours and Insights Discovery Wheel ® have translated Jung’s pioneering work on typology to make it easily accessible to modern day organisations.

They have created a reliable, user friendly and ‘insightful’ methodology and suite of products that greatly aid personal and professional development and workplace effectiveness.