Team work

Teamwork is at the heart of our work at M R Dynamics. It’s what we spend our time thinking about, reading about, talking to people about.

Helping to create self-aware, respectful, and productive teams is our mission. We specialise in helping teams to find higher levels of trust, collaboration, sharing, learning from each other, and focusing on their aims and goals.

We do this through:

  • Team away-days
  • Team coaching
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Team leader coaching

Why teamwork?

Pretty well all organisations know that good teamwork is key to their success. They know that a team that works well together is motivated, productive and contributes a great deal more to the business.

The benefits of good team work to your competitive advantage are more than worth the investment of time and energy that you need to put in to create excellent teamwork. You can achieve amazing results when working well together, turning organisational dreams into reality.


What we do

Applying our considerable experience of working with teams we will develop a tailor-made programme to…

  • Help to improve team focus, trust, communication and accountability.
  • Introduce your teams to new and innovative ways of thinking about their issues and how they approach them.
  • Give them a common language and powerful techniques to make sure they enjoy real teamwork.

Insights Discovery ® Team Events

Team Wheel

One of the main tools we use with teams is Insights Discovery

Through understanding the different personalities in the team you gain all sorts of useful information; what is important to people, how they prefer to act and work, their decision making processes and how they are likely to be seen by their customers.


The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and materials enable teams to connect their minds and and see things that they did not see before.

Through building and sharing these 3D print outs of their thinking, teams find themselves communicating far more clearly and participating more fully. We use this system for trust building, learning to use feedback, solving problems and designing shared fully-owned solutions.

High Performing Teams Model


Our carefully researched and designed 6 Factors of High Performing Teams model is both a diagnostic and feedback survey and also a framework for helping to target coaching and development in the areas of teamwork that will make the biggest and most positive impact to a team