Whether it’s your receptionist or your sales team, when your people are communicating with your customers well, they will be finding your great products and services and enjoying the experience.

MRD can help you make sure that both you and your customers get the sales behaviours that you want and need!


Our KISS sales model:
Knowledge, Implementation, Skills, SELF

We work with people, from those in customer support roles to leaders of high performance sales teams. We help people to gain the Knowledge, Skills, and Self Understanding they need to improve their sales performance.

What sets us apart is our obsession with Implementation, that ingredient that so often stops people being excellent sales people!

The key to sales success is:

  • Having simple but effective tools, techniques
  • Having a customer focused attitude, approach and mind set
  • Maintaining motivation, energy and drive
  • Consistently implement what you know works

MRD run training, coaching, and sales management development programmes, tailor-made to your needs to build and cultivate these skills and attitudes in your sales teams.

We commissioned MRD to work with our senior management and sales teams. Within days we were adapting our approach
to colleagues and clients, and benefiting from the results. We exceeded our revenue this year, I put down entirely
to the training we had.”

Ken Sturdy, Director
IT@ Spectrum Ltd