Business Improvement through recruitment & selection requires good hiring decisions; it pays to get it right.

Recruitment and selection processes are a real and significant investment – the time, energy. and when the decision is made there is investment post hiring – on-boarding, orientation and training, team integration etc. Every new hire is a great opportunity, but also carries some risk.

MRD can help you make sure you make the best decisions possible.

How we help

Insights Disocvery Profile

Rule number one has to be; always select the candidate who can do the job or has the potential to be trained into the job. But when you have your short list the challenge is, “Which one is the best Candidate?”

Exit research shows that most people leave their jobs due to a personality clash, either with their boss or work colleagues. So the question we help with is, “Who is the best fit?”

  • Who is going to be happy working in your culture?
  • Who will naturally suit the demands of the role?
  • Who will be happy with your customers, with your people?

It is here that Insights Discovery ® can help, supported by the expert advice from the MRD team. Through personality and team analysis we help you get the best fit. We help you get behind the professional candidate presentation and enable you to see who you are really hiring, their strengths and weaknesses.

Insights Discovery should not be used as basis of selection, but it can help everyone be happier in the work place of their choice.